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A fundamental challenge for the Churches of Christ (and it is not unique to us, please see http://hirr.hartsem.edu/denom/homepages.html) is the understanding that church attendance is the end all and be all of all normal christian living. We can get our normative theological narratives from various sources -- while claiming they are from the Bible. We can choose to prooftext and cherry pick doctrines which uphold our current clergical structures and real estate holdings; or we can live as Messiah Anointed members of the global body of Christ who stand against powers and principalities (regardless in which nation we currently dwell), resist the #DementedPerfectlyPossessed of the Adversary, and stand on the side of deluded humanity who need rescue from their perpetual attempts to genocide their way to Utopia. #ChurchesOfChrist branded expressions of religion cannot twist the Father's arm into blessing our programs and formats; we must all individually and collectively, whether house church, network, cathedral, be Spirit filled, cruciformed, gifted, (wo)mentored, commissioned. In postchristian America, the confessing church must address the animism, ancestor worship, henotheism, mammonism, marsism, molechism which are typically ignored by Scots Enlightenment material deism which forms much of what passes as the power and form of USAn religion. God will bless his children who use their gifts to bless others... which was Christ's earthly practice and is the practice his sent Spirit enables now. We should pray that if there is "no market for that" among current local assemblies of whatever form, then let revival come, and where resisted, then let replacement come. Father, have mercy on us sinners.

Update: and now, George Bullard "Needed: More Covocational Ministry Mobilizers"

(People in the Marketplace Need Authentic Christian Witness)


The Sons of Issachar could read the signs of the times (1 Chronicles 12:32)

Sign #1 https://michael-hudson.com/2012/08/fireside-on-the-great-theft/

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